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Termite (White Ants) Overview

You have either found termites (White Ants) or you don’t want them in your home or business.

Relax, Albany Pest Control truly are the termite specialist in the Great Southern.

Firstly, we will guarantee to provide a free, no obligation site assessment the same day of you informing us that you have found live termites.

Our specialists are licensed by the WA Health Department and are some of the most / if not ‘the most’ experienced people dealing with termite elimination and protection.

Albany Pest Control guarantee you will face no sales pressure tactics, allowing you to make a relaxed informed decision regarding the protection of your property.

Our paper work is clear and precise with in our opinion the best warranties in Western Australia, in most cases a 10 year re-treatment period, with the bonus 10 year FMC Million Dollar Termite Warranty. Click below.

If termites are active in your home we give a 100% money back guarantee  that we will eliminate the termite colony. Now that is peace of mind.

Simply call us on (08) 9842 3339 to let Albany Pest Control take responsibility of your asset.

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Termite Behaviour and Social Structure

Termites are ground-inhabiting, social insects that live in colonies. A colony can number several million individuals. New colonies are formed when winged males and females from the parent colony emerge in flight and swarm.

Every termite colony consists of 4 castles each having a specific role within the colonies social structure.


The king and queen termite are central to any vibrant termite colony, with the queen acting as an egg-laying machine and known to live up to 25 years.


The caste provides all of the labour for the colony including searching for and collecting food, feeding all other castes and immatures, grooming others within the colony, cleaning, maintenance and building for the colony.


The soldiers caste protects the colony from invasion by other insects. Soldier termites are fed by the worker termites as they are unable to feed themselves.


Alates are winged reproductive’s that fly from the nest in their thousands eager to establish a new colony. Alates are poor flyers so they generally only fly some 50 – 100 metres from the parent nest. As such, when observing flying alates you can generally be assured a termite (White Ant) nest is nearby.

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